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Here is to my last day in California 😀

Tomorrow, while you’re still sleeping, my plane will take off to New York and then to Ukraine.

I won’t be home for the whole summer. There is soooooo much going on this summer and I won’t be there. Can you believe it! What a bummer! But I’m hoping for a great summer in Ukraine.

Lets talk about my blog.

I will NOT stop blogging. I am going to that part of Ukraine where Internet is a problem. BUT I will try to find an Internet-cafe on Saturdays and tell you all about the week and of course post pictures. And I will try to do a post every day.

So PLEASE don’t think I stopped blogging and don’t forget my blog. PLEASE DO NOT!!! At least check back on Saturdays until I come back.

P.S. I usually reply to every comment I get, but I haven’t gotten a chance to do that for these last comments I got. But I will definitely reply to all of them soon.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and please don’t forget to comment more 😀 ❤

Today is also the last day of school. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 😀


Look of the Day

Ashlee Simpson took the 1st place in my opinion.

She looks very summery, fresh, and sexy in this outfit.

I love her floral jumper and how she put it with the tan shoes. I also think her blond hair looks really good on her and it makes this outfit even cuter.

What do you think?


Hello hello cutie pie 😀

How’s your day going so far?

I am so happy that my finals are over and tomorrow is the last day of school. And hopefully I got good grades.

Also, I am very happy that today we got a little bit of sunshine. But a little bit is not enough. I want more.

Aaaaahhhhhh how I wish I could wear a light maxi dress right now…

with some converse. I love flat sandals, but there is nothing more better and more comfortable than converse shoes.

Do you like converse shoes?

Kardashians added these 2 new bags to their K-Dash for QVC collection

I think cross-body bags look great with maxi dresses

Aren’t these bags adorable?! I wouldn’t mind adding them to MY collection 🙂

Back to the outfit…I couldn’t decide on the bag to go with the maxi dress. I was thinking of putting a tan bag with it, but then I always use tan bags so I decided to go for more colorful bags. These are my fav.

Which one do you think looks good with the outfit?

Have a fab evening 😀


look what i made :)

So I had to make a Spanish dish for my Spanish final and this is what I made. Does it look delicious to you? I am not a cook, but this was fun and I liked how it tasted, so did my family and hopefully my classmates and teachers. I never eat peppers and yesterday was the first time I did and I’m thinking of making more dishes with them. Hahaha I actually want to cook something now 🙂

Have a delicious evening 😀

P.S. Chorizo and Sweet Pepper Saute with Crusty Bread is the name of the dish. And you can find the recipe at did my little sandwiches without adding wine as it said in the recipe.

really??? it’s June already?

I do NOT believe that it is June 1st today. Especially when I look outside my window or go outside. It is soooooo gloomy and cold. I don’t remember a spring like this one in California. How’s your weather? I am sooooo jealous if you’re tanning or swimming right now!

The good thing is that it’s warm in Sweden and Ukraine. My aunt even got a sunburn. So I can’t wait till Saturday when I will finally be leaving to Ukraine. Gotta pack my bags, but I have a feeling that I will do that at the last minute as always. I hate that habit of mines.

Right now, I’m eating vanilla ice cream with raspberry jam topping. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Muy delicioso. Hehe here come my Spanish skills. What are you doing right now? Maybe eating something delicious? Don’t forget to share 😀

A picture from Friday when I went to Washington. We stopped at a rest area for lunch and it was beautiful in there so I had to take a few pictures.

P.S. Didn’t the scientists say that Global Warming is coming. In my opinion, they don’t know anything themselves.

skool rally & church

Good evening 😀

How have you been?

You know, I never thought that life could be so busy. These last weeks in school are ridiculous with all the final projects and tests and everything. Time just flies by. And as you have probably noticed, I barely have time for my blog 😦 Do you have the same problem? And I’m going away in less than 2 weeks to a small village in Ukraine and hopefully I will be able to find internet there so I can keep my blog going.

Anyways, here are some pictures from last friday:

Whoz got spirit? WE GOT SPIRIT!!! Do you? 😀

Me, Diana, and Ivan were really entertaining ourselves at the rally. Diana got a new iPOD touch 4g with a camera and we put it to use. It was so much fun.

p.s. I just love making weird faces at the camera.

mirrorz ❤

I went to my friend’s church and of course I picked the bathroom to take some pictures. Sometimes bathrooms are the coolest places to take pictures. Don’t you think so?

haha look at all the clothes behind me..thats how we were getting dressed for church.

p.s. I used whitening strips for my teeth and it really worked. Compared to how they looked before, I’m happy with the results.

meet my friend Alena (she’s the one who drew the picture of us in the previous post).

I had so much fun with her. We’re planning to do it again next friday, except without the sleepover since I’m leaving to Ukraine at 6am.

(sorry for the blurriness)

Sleep tight 😀

art skills

Don’t you think that my friend has some art skills?

I know that there are differences between the 2, but the pictures are so similar.

I would never draw so good. I’m bad at drawing faces. Haha I can’t draw anything actually.

Anyways, have a great day 😀

p.s. check back for some pictures from yesterday. dont have time to post them right now. gotta run

perfect 4 cool weather

Good morning 😀

How’s the weather? I’m so happy that it’s warmer today.

Yesterday I told you that I’m not creative when it comes to outfits for cold weather, so I decided to look around on internet for some clothes and create one.

So here it is :

1. plastic island city pullover

2. morgan low-rise skinny jean

3. asos ark leather cross strap pull on ankle boot

4. italian linen in willow scarf

5. ili red cross-body-bag

Do you like it?

Have a great day 🙂

where is sunshine?!

Good morning 🙂 How did you sleep?

I woke up more or less refreshed today. It’s a nice feeling I tell you. Plus I’m not wearing ANY coverup today and my face feels sooooooooo good, especially outside. I got this new face cream and after it my face feels like new. I’m thinking of making a new page about the face products I use. Should I?

Anyways, the weather doesn’t makle me happy, but at least I have a warm sweater on. Not like yesterday when I had only a shirt on and I think I’m getting sick 😦 Hopefully not :/

I’m not really creative when it comes to outfits in cold weather. I just know that I have to be warm and comfy.

p.s. I’m realizing that Oats&Honey Bar is not a good breakfast. I feel like throwing up (sorry) and a little hungry, too.

Have a great one 😀