KenzaZouiten Dubai Photoshoot

Hello 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day.

Today was so hard to wake up for school. I woke up heka late and didn’t have time to pick an outfit or do my hair. I hate going somewhere when my outfit and hair look like shit.

I found some behind the scenes pictures from Kenza Zouiten’s photoshoot in Dubai.

I think she looks gorgeous.

I want her legs

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this dress. The color is so nice and the dress looks so light. I want it!

another cute dress


the ocean look very inviting..& here’s another cute beach ‘outfit’

i can’t see the outfit but it looks like another cute one

A CAMEL?? really? i think this is the first time i see a camel at the photoshoot


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  1. I have the coral dress that you loves so much! You can buy it from me if you want to?

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