Good morning 🙂

For me its more like a bad morning. I hate the weather. The sky is gray and its supposed to rain today and tomorrow. What is this!? Its already mid april, spring has to be in its full swing and this is California for petes sake.

My outfit is simple today


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  1. thefashionguitar

    Those ankle boots are amazing. I am a big fan of ankle boots 🙂

    xo Charlotte

    • i am a fan of all shoes. im obsessed with them 🙂 i love the heel and the zippers on these boots.
      smilez 🙂

  2. E-One Magazine

    Simple styles are often the best.
    Would’ve been great to see an image of you in them 🙂

    • i agree. there is no need to try hard to be fashionable. be yourself and you will get more attention. thats what i like doing
      i will try to post pictures of myself 🙂 but the clothes in the pictures are not mine, i get them from different sites but i would really love to have them in my closet

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