Christian Dior


I love Christian Dior clothes’ designs. So unique and beautiful. Love love loooooooooooooooooooooooove 🙂

What do you think about this designs and clothes?

By the way, I have a new background image. Do you like it?


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  1. Love the new background image, sweetie. You look gorgeous and gawsh Christian Dior sure can do drama drama fashion!- LOVE 🙂

    • Ira Velychko

      thank you beautiful 🙂
      Dior def does the ‘drama drama fashion’ hehe he’s amazing
      p.s. i just love your comments Jamillah 😀 they’re so unique and full of energy 🙂
      kisses 😀

  2. Amazing designs!!!!!

  3. you look beautiful and of courseee I loveee Dior!! 🙂


  4. i think they are fabulous!!

  5. Good choice of pics! Dior is pretty amazing 🙂

  6. Is it Haute Couture Dior? Whatever it is I love it 😉

  7. thanks for your comment 🙂 I’m following you blog please feel free to do the same.


    • you welcome 🙂
      and i don’t know if i can follow blogs because my blog is in wordpress, but i will try 🙂

  8. Joanne Hegarty

    I love these dresses and can just imagine the fab lifestyle that goes with them !
    Like you new background profile !

  9. Wow this collection is absolutely gorgeous!!

  10. the nyanzi report

    only the best.

  11. thanks for coming n my blog xx nice blog too

    • you welcome 🙂
      and thank YOU 🙂
      p.s. i loooove your name. Jasmine is my favorite name, except i write mines as Jazmin 🙂

  12. Le.cherrysodaa

    Amazing. I can clearly see Dita Von Teese wearing most of them for a Red Carpet

    • Dita is gorgeous. i think all of the dresses would look great on her. she has that white skin, black hair, red lip look that goes so well for these dresses 🙂

  13. Fashionistable

    These dresses are wonderful. I just hope Galliano’s successor is as creative. Xxxx

  14. Thanks for your comment sweety! And wow… these dresses are all so gorgeouse, ♥ Dior.

    xx Kaisa

  15. these dresses are all amazing!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These looks are SO stunning! Thanks for sharing xo

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