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LastDay : /

Here is to my last day in California 😀

Tomorrow, while you’re still sleeping, my plane will take off to New York and then to Ukraine.

I won’t be home for the whole summer. There is soooooo much going on this summer and I won’t be there. Can you believe it! What a bummer! But I’m hoping for a great summer in Ukraine.

Lets talk about my blog.

I will NOT stop blogging. I am going to that part of Ukraine where Internet is a problem. BUT I will try to find an Internet-cafe on Saturdays and tell you all about the week and of course post pictures. And I will try to do a post every day.

So PLEASE don’t think I stopped blogging and don’t forget my blog. PLEASE DO NOT!!! At least check back on Saturdays until I come back.

P.S. I usually reply to every comment I get, but I haven’t gotten a chance to do that for these last comments I got. But I will definitely reply to all of them soon.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and please don’t forget to comment more 😀 ❤

Today is also the last day of school. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 😀


skool rally & church

Good evening 😀

How have you been?

You know, I never thought that life could be so busy. These last weeks in school are ridiculous with all the final projects and tests and everything. Time just flies by. And as you have probably noticed, I barely have time for my blog 😦 Do you have the same problem? And I’m going away in less than 2 weeks to a small village in Ukraine and hopefully I will be able to find internet there so I can keep my blog going.

Anyways, here are some pictures from last friday:

Whoz got spirit? WE GOT SPIRIT!!! Do you? 😀

Me, Diana, and Ivan were really entertaining ourselves at the rally. Diana got a new iPOD touch 4g with a camera and we put it to use. It was so much fun.

p.s. I just love making weird faces at the camera.

mirrorz ❤

I went to my friend’s church and of course I picked the bathroom to take some pictures. Sometimes bathrooms are the coolest places to take pictures. Don’t you think so?

haha look at all the clothes behind me..thats how we were getting dressed for church.

p.s. I used whitening strips for my teeth and it really worked. Compared to how they looked before, I’m happy with the results.

meet my friend Alena (she’s the one who drew the picture of us in the previous post).

I had so much fun with her. We’re planning to do it again next friday, except without the sleepover since I’m leaving to Ukraine at 6am.

(sorry for the blurriness)

Sleep tight 😀

where is sunshine?!

Good morning 🙂 How did you sleep?

I woke up more or less refreshed today. It’s a nice feeling I tell you. Plus I’m not wearing ANY coverup today and my face feels sooooooooo good, especially outside. I got this new face cream and after it my face feels like new. I’m thinking of making a new page about the face products I use. Should I?

Anyways, the weather doesn’t makle me happy, but at least I have a warm sweater on. Not like yesterday when I had only a shirt on and I think I’m getting sick 😦 Hopefully not :/

I’m not really creative when it comes to outfits in cold weather. I just know that I have to be warm and comfy.

p.s. I’m realizing that Oats&Honey Bar is not a good breakfast. I feel like throwing up (sorry) and a little hungry, too.

Have a great one 😀

sunshine&me :)

Hey sunshine 😀

How is your day? Is it full of sunshine?

 Oh my God, I’m so thankful that its warm today.

My friend and I were actually able to go out on the field and eat our lunch there and enjoy the sun and talk. It was so nice. I had my camera with me, so I decided that I wanted a picture and as you can see the sky is cloudless. Yes yes yes hehe 🙂

p.s. Its not an outfit picture. More like random but oh well 😀

sunshine :)

Finally enough sun came out that I even got a little sunburn (see my legs are kind of red on the front but white on the back)..

i didn’t wear the yellow shirt for a loooooong time since yellow is not exactly my color, but right now i like it. looks great outside in the sun and the design in the back is cute (keeps my back cool).

Having a little picnic and I was trying to get a tan as you can see I really need it 😀

I haven’t jumped for centuries so I decided to do it again. It wasn’t easy.

hehe in the shadow, it looks like I’m skydiving 😀

My beautiful friend, Luda, and I.

We’ve become very good friends this year since we had the same problem-overweight. We got tired of being like that and set a goal to lose weight. We lost around 20lbs each and we are definitely happier with ourselves. But my road didn’t end yet. I am still trying to lose weight, but it’s hard.

Hope you had a great day and I wish you a great evening 😀


Good evening 🙂

How are you spending your evening? Party? Family? Reading? Church? Anyone eating candies like me? 🙂 Usually I don’t eat after 6, especially sweets, but today I came home after 6 and I was hungry and I ate a take out from MC Donalds so I also decided to eat a few candies. Lets just leave it as a ‘few’ hehehehehehehe 🙂

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dark chocolate babe 🙂

So today I was watching basketball games from 1-6pm. My brother is on the team so I stayed to cheer for him. Their team played 2 different teams and they wooooon. It was fun to watch them play the 1st team, which was kinda weak and we cheered sooooo loud. The second game was a little tense because the other team was very good. But my brother’s team still won. Way to go boys 🙂 Hehe I’m so proud.

Here’s a few pictures of me from today

at the gym before the game..girls were playing 1st so thats y there are girls in the court..anyways they reminded me of 7th grade when we competed. such good times they were. but we were taller, stronger, and more skilled. we won championship 🙂

i was asking my sister about how i should stand and she just took a pic..but i still think its cute. this is the 1st pic she took normally this year

i finally decided how i should stand

i ❤ this dress. its so comfy. i got it at JCPenny for $ was on sale. it cost around $30 originally so i was pretti happy

april 8, 2011 continuation

Today, I finally decided to go for a run. It has been more than a month since I ran. My treadmill broke and it was raining (my treadmill is outside) so I couldn’t do it. And plus I was lazy 🙂

I ran 1 mile. It felt good.

Running on my fav street

I met some guys and they say I look older than 18. Really? I gotta do something


april 8, 2011

Hi 🙂

How was your day?

For me it was a good day 🙂

I decided to do something with my hair today, not just put it up in a ponytail.

Here is my hairstyle from today

Enjoying the sun 🙂

I couldn't look. The sun was right in my eyes. P.S. I don't photoshop my pix. I was just sitting on the sun and plus the flash. Normally my skin is not this white and clean.

What do you think? Better than a ponytail?

This hairstyle was inspired by Jessica Alba and by someone else (don’t remember her name :/ )


This beautiful girl ran up to me and took a picture with me. It was fun. By the way, her last name is Kardashian. Kardashian? I even asked her if it was her real last name. I thought there were no more Kardashians in the world except 'The Kardashians'

Another picture of me 🙂 Finally, I didn't have to wear two sweaters and a jacket. Today is like an early, early spring in California, but I'm thankful for that. I hope it won't rain again. At least for a while.