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LastDay : /

Here is to my last day in California 😀

Tomorrow, while you’re still sleeping, my plane will take off to New York and then to Ukraine.

I won’t be home for the whole summer. There is soooooo much going on this summer and I won’t be there. Can you believe it! What a bummer! But I’m hoping for a great summer in Ukraine.

Lets talk about my blog.

I will NOT stop blogging. I am going to that part of Ukraine where Internet is a problem. BUT I will try to find an Internet-cafe on Saturdays and tell you all about the week and of course post pictures. And I will try to do a post every day.

So PLEASE don’t think I stopped blogging and don’t forget my blog. PLEASE DO NOT!!! At least check back on Saturdays until I come back.

P.S. I usually reply to every comment I get, but I haven’t gotten a chance to do that for these last comments I got. But I will definitely reply to all of them soon.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and please don’t forget to comment more 😀 ❤

Today is also the last day of school. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 😀


really??? it’s June already?

I do NOT believe that it is June 1st today. Especially when I look outside my window or go outside. It is soooooo gloomy and cold. I don’t remember a spring like this one in California. How’s your weather? I am sooooo jealous if you’re tanning or swimming right now!

The good thing is that it’s warm in Sweden and Ukraine. My aunt even got a sunburn. So I can’t wait till Saturday when I will finally be leaving to Ukraine. Gotta pack my bags, but I have a feeling that I will do that at the last minute as always. I hate that habit of mines.

Right now, I’m eating vanilla ice cream with raspberry jam topping. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Muy delicioso. Hehe here come my Spanish skills. What are you doing right now? Maybe eating something delicious? Don’t forget to share 😀

A picture from Friday when I went to Washington. We stopped at a rest area for lunch and it was beautiful in there so I had to take a few pictures.

P.S. Didn’t the scientists say that Global Warming is coming. In my opinion, they don’t know anything themselves.

where is sunshine?!

Good morning 🙂 How did you sleep?

I woke up more or less refreshed today. It’s a nice feeling I tell you. Plus I’m not wearing ANY coverup today and my face feels sooooooooo good, especially outside. I got this new face cream and after it my face feels like new. I’m thinking of making a new page about the face products I use. Should I?

Anyways, the weather doesn’t makle me happy, but at least I have a warm sweater on. Not like yesterday when I had only a shirt on and I think I’m getting sick 😦 Hopefully not :/

I’m not really creative when it comes to outfits in cold weather. I just know that I have to be warm and comfy.

p.s. I’m realizing that Oats&Honey Bar is not a good breakfast. I feel like throwing up (sorry) and a little hungry, too.

Have a great one 😀

good morning

It’s almost noon, but it feels great to sleep in.

I woke up around 11 and wasn’t very happy to see that the sky is gray. Aaaahhhhhh I really don’t understand the spring this year. But the good thing is that the birds are chirping and its not raining, even though it might tomorrow. Please don’t rain!

What weather do you see outside your window? I hope you have sunshine 🙂

Today, I’m planning to catch up on my final projects and go play tennis in the park.

What are your plans for this not-to-sunny Saturday?

my baby sister loves touching my mouth 😀

sunshine&me :)

Hey sunshine 😀

How is your day? Is it full of sunshine?

 Oh my God, I’m so thankful that its warm today.

My friend and I were actually able to go out on the field and eat our lunch there and enjoy the sun and talk. It was so nice. I had my camera with me, so I decided that I wanted a picture and as you can see the sky is cloudless. Yes yes yes hehe 🙂

p.s. Its not an outfit picture. More like random but oh well 😀

damn projects

Damn projects are giving me a headache. I can’t wait till school is over and VACATION WILL OFFICIALLY BEGIN 😀

How are you? Are final projects giving you a headache as well?

sunshine :)

Finally enough sun came out that I even got a little sunburn (see my legs are kind of red on the front but white on the back)..

i didn’t wear the yellow shirt for a loooooong time since yellow is not exactly my color, but right now i like it. looks great outside in the sun and the design in the back is cute (keeps my back cool).

Having a little picnic and I was trying to get a tan as you can see I really need it 😀

I haven’t jumped for centuries so I decided to do it again. It wasn’t easy.

hehe in the shadow, it looks like I’m skydiving 😀

My beautiful friend, Luda, and I.

We’ve become very good friends this year since we had the same problem-overweight. We got tired of being like that and set a goal to lose weight. We lost around 20lbs each and we are definitely happier with ourselves. But my road didn’t end yet. I am still trying to lose weight, but it’s hard.

Hope you had a great day and I wish you a great evening 😀

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter everybody 🙂

I rarely post pictures of myself so I decided to do a collage about me. All of the pictures are from different years. I love how each picture has a different memory that you will remember just by looking at them.

I am not a pro at creating collages. Today is the first time I did it and I’m still learning. I got a looooong way to go to learn how to do those types of collages you see in magazines or in fashion blogs.

The problem is that I don’t know how to edit the pictures so many of them are blurry 😦

Humongous thanks to Shin who helped me when I emailed and asked her how to do a collage (I didn’t even know how its called). I haven’t met Shin personally, but I already know that she’s a great person. Thank you Shin 🙂 Hugs ❤

Her blog is at

Anyways, back to Easter. What did you guys do/are still doing for Easter?

Yesterday, my mom made so much food and today was such a big and heavy lunch. Eeeehhhhh I hate overeating.

a long day

after eating a ‘few’ candies, i went to watch tv. o boy was i looking at those victoria’s secret models with jealousy hehe. i feel so sick after eating so much chocolate

it was definitely a long day