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looking colorful :)


a little of the Royal Wedding

Hello 🙂

Did any of you wake up at 2am today to watch the royal wedding?

I did hehe 😀 Actually I didn’t go to sleep at all. I stayed up the whole night and went to sleep at 5:30am and slept about 1 and a half hours before getting up again. And as far as I’m concerned I feel great. It was worth it.

I loved the wedding. It was my first time seeing a royal wedding and…how I wish it was me having such a great wedding.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the wedding. I put them in order.

Kate’s dress wasn’t as fancy as Diana’s, but I still loved it. I loved that she came to her wedding as herself. That dress is in her style and she’s the one who makes it look gorgeous. I love the lace on the shoulders and hands.

If it was I who was getting married, I would most likely pick Diana’s dress (or design something similar to it).

(pictures of Diana’s and Pippa’s dress are at the end of the post)

I absolutely loved the walk-in.

aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute 🙂

Prince William saying his vow and putting a ring on Kate’s finger.

The legal papers are now signed. I present thee a husband and wife 😀

The V-neck and the collar are beautiful.

Another reason this dress looks so good on Kate is because she has a great body.

Getting ready to go to the palace, where family pictures were taken and the reception was held. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see that. I think no cameras were allowed inside.

I think it’s time to say something about Prince William.

In my opinion, the military suit looks great on him. And he is very cute and charming 😀

And the moment we’re all been waiting for. The kiss 🙂

p.s. here is the reason is stayed up until 5:30am.

Some more pictures 🙂

Catherine Middleton was wearing a tiara from Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry box.

2nd wedding dress, which is gorgeous as well.

Pippa Middleton is Kate’s sister and the maid of honor.

I looooooove her dress. I think she was the first person whose dress I fell in love with. And it looks great on her because of her body and beauty.

Both Kate’s wedding gown and Pippa’s dress were designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Now, lets go back to Princess Diana Spencer’s wedding.

I don’t really like fancy stuff, but this is similar to what I would wear for my royal wedding (if I ever had one)

I love the full skirt of this dress, but I would make it in silk material. Also, I am not a big fan of the ruffles on top so I would probably want to have lace as in Kate’s dress.

Also, I love how the veil and the back part of the skirt is long. I would love my veil to be long as well and drag a couple miles behind me hehe (just kidding), but a few feet would do.


I wish you ‘just wed’ couple to have a fun, peaceful, and full of love ride 😀

outfit 4 warm weather&school

Bonjour 😀

These past 2 days it has been warm in here, northern California.

Warm enough for wearing a skirt and sandals 🙂

This outfit is simple and I would most likely wear it to school.

Sorry if you don’t like it. I am very busy with school and choir and workouts, but I try to come up at least with a simple outfit.

working out for FROCKS

The busy days started again.

I loved being on vacation and looking for new things for my blog almost the whole day. Right now, I barely have time for a workout. I decided to workout at least 30 minutes every day, no matter how busy I am.

So today I found out that my treadmill is working again. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH 🙂 And I was so excited to try it again that I didn’t need motivation to go and sweat. But watch I’m gona need it tomorrow.

Actually, I think I got it. Below are 2 pictures with some beautiful summer frocks and I need my legs to look good if I want to wear them.

OMG..i see beautiful. i love the prints and the colors, but the blue one is just breathtaking.

a little bit of jean frocks..the 1st one (not on the model) is my favorite.

Which are your favorite?

Which one do you like more? Colorful prints or jean frocks? Or both, like me?


Christian Dior


I love Christian Dior clothes’ designs. So unique and beautiful. Love love loooooooooooooooooooooooove 🙂

What do you think about this designs and clothes?

By the way, I have a new background image. Do you like it?

Dinner? In a restaurant?

Good early evening to you 🙂

Right now I wouldn’t mind having dinner in a nice restaurant. Maybe with a cute guy 😉

Here’s what I would wear:

a cute short tan dress

navy shoes (the front is round)

a wavy hairstyle (my hair is long)

It’s not a fancy outfit, but still cute and stylish. I like it. I would feel good in it. I usually make a wavy hairstyle when I go out so this event wouldn’t be an exception, but who knows.

p.s. I am not a big fan of handbags so I don’t wear them most of the time.

What do you think of this outfit? Too simple? Ugly? Or cute and would go well for dinner in a restaurant?

color+pattern=pretty shoe

OMG!!! I looooooooooooove shoes that are in bright color and have patterns. They look amazing and I just love how they standout.

Here are some of the ones I love and want (I posted most of them before but I couldn’t not post them again)

the colors are amazing

im loving the flower prints

more flower prints

❤ the bright colors

i love the patterns on the platform

love love looooooooove the orange

dear prints, i love you 🙂

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter everybody 🙂

I rarely post pictures of myself so I decided to do a collage about me. All of the pictures are from different years. I love how each picture has a different memory that you will remember just by looking at them.

I am not a pro at creating collages. Today is the first time I did it and I’m still learning. I got a looooong way to go to learn how to do those types of collages you see in magazines or in fashion blogs.

The problem is that I don’t know how to edit the pictures so many of them are blurry 😦

Humongous thanks to Shin who helped me when I emailed and asked her how to do a collage (I didn’t even know how its called). I haven’t met Shin personally, but I already know that she’s a great person. Thank you Shin 🙂 Hugs ❤

Her blog is at

Anyways, back to Easter. What did you guys do/are still doing for Easter?

Yesterday, my mom made so much food and today was such a big and heavy lunch. Eeeehhhhh I hate overeating.

short, white crochet dresses

I am falling in love with short crochet dresses, especially if they’re white. They would be so awesome to wear to the beach on top of a swimsuit.